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Module 1: Database Modeling Past and Present.

Database Modeling Past and Present.

1. What is a database model?

A. A kind of normalization

B. A special kind of database

C. A blueprint for how data is stored in database

D. A blueprint for how to build a database application

Answer: C

2. Which of the following restrict value in fields?

A. Data type

B. Metadata

C. String

D. Attribute

Answer: A

3.  Which of the following application requires frequent update?

A. OLTP application

B. Data warehouse application

Answer: B

4. Which of the following is inverted tree like structure?

A. A .File system

B. Hierarchical database model

C. Network database model

D. Relational database model

Answer: B

5. Which of the flowing model provides a three dimensional structure

A. Hierarchical database model

B. Network database model

C. Relational database model

D. Object database model

Answer: D

6. ERD is  

A. Conceptual design

B. Logical design

C. Physical design

D. Manual design

Answer: A

7. Which statement is (are) true for relational database model?

A. Each child table has a single parent table 

B. Each parent can have multiple child tables

C. None of the above 

D. All of the above 

Answer: A, B

8.  Which statement is (are) not true for Network database model?

A. It allows one-to-one relationship  

B. It allows many-to-one relationship  

C. It allows many-to-many relationship  

D. None of the above

Answer: A, B

9. Relational database model is that any table can be linked together, regardless of their Hierarchical position.

A. True 

B. False 

Answer: A

10. Which is the best describe for database type 

A. Transactional ,DSS, Hybrid 

B. DSE, Hybrid ,Transactional

C. OLTP, Client-Server, DSS


Answer: A

11. Data mart is a kind of DSS database

A. True        

B. False

Answer: A

12. The correct form of data is called:

A. Data

B. Information

C. Data integrity

D. Above all

Answer: C

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