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Module 01: Introduction of Oracle Forms Developer & Oracle Forms Services

 Introduction of Oracle Forms Developer & Oracle Forms Services

1. The client tier contains –

a. Application server

b. Database server

c. Web browser 

d. From developer 

Answer: c

2. What are four major components of form services –

a. Application server, database server ,web browser, from developer.

b. Form client, Form listener servlet , forms servlet ,form developer .

c. Oracle database, oracle application server, oracle developer suite, forms developer.


Answer: b

3. Oracle form developer provides for -

a. Enterprise reporting 

b. Data entry.

c. Queries.

d. Modeling.

Answer: b,c

4.  Oracle application server contains for J2EE(OC4J) is-

a.  preferred to run application.

b.  Implemented completely in Java, making it lightweight and easy to install.

c.  present data as text image and system controls.

d.  Send data directly to Oracle reports.

Answer: a,b

5. Running a form: Browser how do you access URL Application?

a. http:// Summit.com:8889/form/frmservlet? Form=D<formname>.fmx

b. http:// Summit.com:8889/form/frmservlet? 

c.  http:// Summit.com:8889/menu/frmservlet? Form=D<formname>.fmx 

d.  http:// Summit.com:8889/menu/frmservlet? 

Answer: a

6. Forms servlet is a Java servlet that creates a dynamic HTML file by merging information from the following source-(choose-3)

a. Press the appropriate function key

b. The forms web configuration file

c. The forms base HTML file

d. The application’s URL parameters

Answer: b, c, d

7. How to insert a Record?

a. Select record>Insert

b. Select Query>Enter

c. Select record> Remove

d. Click Insert record(green+)

Answer: a, d

8. What is the best describe for Ellipsis (……)

a. Shortcut key: alt+ letter

b. Common commands for use in the layout editor

c. Additional input, usually by using a dialog box.

d. Menu option has a submenu

Answer: c

9. The layout editor is a graphical design facility for creating and arranging interface items—

a.  true

b. false

Answer: a

10. Which are environmentally variables and y2k compliance-(choose all that apply)





Answer: a, b, c, d

11. What is block?

a. Logical section of a form: owned by the form module

b. Produced to contain the views of canvas.

c. Named procedure, function or package

d. pl/sql block executed on an events

Answer: a

12. Which are three major object in a form—

a.  Items

b.  Source

c.  Blocks

d.  Canvases   

e. Record

Answer: c, d

13.  With forms builder, we can ,- (choose two)

a.  Insert, update, delete, and query data by using a variety of interface items

b.  Design applications for internet deployment 

c.  Send data directly to oracle reports

d.  Copy and move objects and their properties easily between applications

Answer: a, c

14. Which are of the following option to connect to the database (choose two)

a.  Select file menu > connect

b.  Programs > oracle > developer suite

c.  Click connect toolbar

d.  Select file > open

Answer: a, c

15.  A FORM is made-up of which of the following objects 

a.  block, fields only, 

b . blocks, fields, pages only, 

c . blocks, fields, pages, triggers and form level procedures, 

d . Only blocks.

Answer: c

16.  For the following statements which is true?-

1. Page is an object owned by a form 

2.  Pages are a collection of display information such as constant text and graphics-

a.  Only 1 is TRUE 

b.  Only 2 is TRUE 

c.  Both 1 & 2 are TRUE 

d.  Both are FALSE 

Answer: b

17. When do you get a .PLL extension? 

a. Save Library file 

b. Generate Library file 

c. Run Library file 

d. None of the above

Answer: a

18.  A Database Procedure is stored in the Database 

a.  In compiled form 

b . As source code 

c.  Both a & b 

d.  Not stored

Answer: c

19. In a master detail form, Relation is...

a. An object belonging to the master data block.

b. An object belonging to the detail data block.

c. An object belongs neither t to the master data block nor the detail block.

d. Not an object

Answer: a

20. The Default value of the “Delete Record Behavior” property of a relation in a master detail form is

 a. Cascading    

 b. isolated.       

 c. non isolated     

 d. none of these.

Answer: c

21.What is indicated by the square of property palette icons?

a. Specify that the property value is the default value

b. Specify that the property value has been change from the default

c. Specify that the property value is inherited

d. Specify that the property value was inherited but has been overridden.

Answer: b

22.Which are the true about data block property groups?(choose five)

a. General

b. Navigation

c. Records

d. Advanced database

e. Color

f. Frame properties

Answer: a, b, c, d, e

23. Which method do you apply to create a control Block?

a. Click the data blocks node and click the create icon or select Edit>create and select the “build a new data block manually”

b. Click data block in object navigator and create new block

c. Click data form in object navigator and create new block

d. Select the data block and right click on create new block.

Answer: a

24. In an application created using the database wizard, the main menu is presented as a: 

A. form, called a switchboard           

B. report, called a menu

C. table, called a switchboard           

D. query, called a menu

Answer: a

25. Which data type is better to use for storing phone number in the following format “977-1-4123456”?

a. Text                                             

b. AutoNumber

c. Number                                        

d. Currency

Answer: a

26. Which are true about text item?

a. A text item is an item that we are use in the database name.

b. A text item is an interface object with which you can query, Insert, Update, and Delete.

c. The default item in an Oracle Forms Developer application is the text item or field.

d. Behavior defined in the property palette.

e. Not defined in the property palate.

Answer: b, d

27. We can set the Keyboard Navigation and Enabled properties for items to specify whether operators can navigate to and interact with item. 

a. True

b. False

Answer: a

28. How can you create a Text item (Chose Three)

a. Converting a Text item into a existing item.

b. Converting an existing item into a Text item.

c. Using the Text item tool in the layout Editor.

d. Double click the canvas .The Text item appears.

e. Using the create icon in the Object Navigator.

f. Click the List item tool and set the properties as required.

Answer: b, c, e

29. What are input items?

a. Check box

b. List item

c. Display items

 e. Radio group

Answer: a, b, e

30. What is true regarding check box?

a. Two-state interface object

b. No limited to two values

c. Enable display of s defined set of choices

d. Set values either by user input or programmatically

Answer: a, b, d

31. Which are types of list items styles?

a. Poplist

b. Tlist

c. Combo box

d. Checked\641wqa

e. Unchecked

Answer: a, b, c

32. What are benefits of list items?

a. Enable display of a defined set of choices.

b. Display a set of choices without using a vast area of canvas.

c. Provide an alternative to radio groups

d. Provide a choice between two or more static values.

e. Provide a windows-style list of values.

Answer: a, b, c, e

33. What can you do with input items?

a. Insert values

b. Update existing values

c. Delete existing values

d. Non-base-table information

e. Query existing values

Answer: a, b, c, e

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