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Module 01: Database Modeling Present And Past


Database Modeling Present And Past

1. What is Database?

Database is a collection of information, preferably related information, and preferably organized. By definition, a database is a structured object.

2. What is meant by relational database model?

A model that provide a two-dimensional structure to data, the relational database model more or less throws out the window the concept and restriction of a hierarchical structure, but does not completely abandon data hierarchies, any table can be accessed directly with having to access all parent objects. 

3. What is meant by Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)?

A system that uses a database that contains tables with data, the management system part is the part allowing us access to that database, and the power to manipulate both the database and the data contained within it.

4. What is meant by Object Database Model?

A model that provides a three-dimensional structure to data where any item in a database can be retrieved from any point very rapidly, whereas the relational database model lends itself to retrieval of groups of records in two dimension ,the object database model is very efficient for finding unique items. 

5. What does it mean by Transactional Database?

A transactional database is a database based on small changes to the database. The database is transaction-driven.

6. What does it mean by Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse is a large transactional history database used for predictive and planning reporting.

7. What is meant by Data Mart?

A sub set part of a data warehouse. Typically, a data mart is made up of a single star schema.

8. What are the difference between OLTP database and Data warehouse?

OLTP database that were devised to cater for the enormous concurrency requirements of internet applications. On the other hand data warehouses database often contain many years of historical data to provide effective forecasting capabilities.

9: What is called Hybrid Database?

A database installation mixing multiple types of database architectures, typically, the mix is including both OLTP and data warehouse into the same database.

10. What is Database Model?

A database model is a blueprint for how data is stored in a database. it is used to create a database.

11. What is Application?

An application is a piece of software that runs on a computer and performs a task.

12. Describe the techniques of database model.

        i. File system :

        ii. Hierarchical:

        iii. Network:

        iv. Relational:  A Database model that provides a two-dimensional structure to data 

        v. Object:  An object database model provides a three dimensional structure to data where any item in a database can be retrieved from any point very rapidly.

        vi. Object-Relational: 

13. Write the Types of Databases?

There are three kinds of database type, these are 

a. Transactional

        i. Client- server database

        ii. OLTP database

b. Decision Support System (DSS)

        i. Data warehouse database

        ii. Data mart

        iii. Reporting database

c. Hybrid database (OLTP+Data warehouse) 

14. Define Transactional, Client-server & OLTP .




15. Write down the steps of database designing

        i. Requirements  Analysis 

        ii. Conceptual design

        iii. Logical design 

        iv. Physical design 

        v. Tuning Phase

16. Write the function of datatype in a database

A datatype restricts values in fields, such as allowing only a date or a number or a string.

17. What is ERD? 

A table is often referred to as an entity is called an ERD.

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