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Module 02: Database Modeling in the Workplace


Database Modeling in the Workplace

1. What is business rule?

The processes and flow of whatever is involved in the daily workings of an organization. The operation of that business and the decisions made to execute the operational processes of that organization.

Define stored procedure, trigger

2. What is called record or row or tuples?

A repetition of a field structure across a table. Records repeat field structure in a table, where each repeated field can have a different value.

3. What is meant by Anomaly?

With respect to relational database design, essentially an erroneous change to data, more specifically to a single record.

4. What do you mean by functional dependency?

Y is functionally dependent on X if the value of Y is determined by X. in other words if Y = X+1, the value of X will determine the resultant value of Y. thus, Y is dependent on X as a function of the value of X. Functional dependence is the opposite of determinacy.

5. What is Index? Define different type of index.

Usually a copy of a very small section of table, such as a single field, and preferably a short-length field.

BTree index: A binary tree. The tree is called “binary” because binary implies two options under each branch node; branch left and branch right.

Bitmap index: An index containing binary representations for each record using 0’s and 1’s.

ISAM index: Index Sequential Access Method (ISAM) uses a simple structure with a list of record numbers.

Hash table: A hash table is a copy of data but rearranged into a different a and more efficiently accessed order depending on a hashing algorithm. 

Indexed Organized Table: An Index Organized Table (IOT) builds a table in the sorted order of an index, typically using a BTree index.  

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