Introduction of Oracle Forms Developer & Oracle Forms Services

1. What is Oracle Enterprise Manager grid Controlling?

Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control is the complete, integrated, central management console and underlying framework that automates administrative tasks  across sets of systems in a grid environment.

-Grouping of multiple hardware nodes, database.

-Software provisioning that automates installation.

-Ease of application deployment.

-Application service level monitoring.

2. What is Oracle Forms Service?

Oracle Form Services:

Oracle Forms Services is a component of Oracle Application Server for delivering Oracle Forms Developer applications to the Internet.

Oracle Forms Services uses a three-tier   

The client tier contains the Web browser.

The middle tier is the application server.

The database tier is the database server.

3. What is oracle forms developer?

Oracle forms developer is a productive development environment for internet business application .it’s provides for data entry and queries.

4. Benefit of oracle forms developer 10g?

Benefits of oracle developer 10g:

Oracle developer suite:

Combines the power of oracle application development tools and oracle business intelligence tools.

Provides a standards-based, java and XML integration development environment.

Provides flexible and scalable solutions for data warehousing.

Is optimized for oracle database and oracle application server 10g.

5. Write the architecture to deploy database applications.

Oracle Forms Services uses three-tier architecture to deploy database applications

•        The Client tier contains the web browser

•        The Middle tiers the application server

•        The Database tiers the database server