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Module 2: Database Modeling in the Workplace


Database Modeling in the Workplace

1. A relational database model cannot avoid defining some business rule. Why? 

A. Stored procedures are mandatory in database model.

B. We cannot avoid using trigger.

C. Because of the existence of the relationships between tables.

D. All of above 

Answer: C

2. Implementing business rules using stored procedure can be used to provide comprehensive accommodation of business rules; it is recommended to use stored procedure.

A. True

B. False 

Answer: B

3. Which of the following statement is/are true about database modeling?

A. Those people who are technically aware are best source of information in workplace.

B. It is beneficial to get balance of levels and skills to help get a better overall picture of the requirement.

C. The higher up the management scale we get to talk, the more detail picture we get.

D. In large company, executive level people are easily accessible. 

Answer: B

4. For a database designer, the entry point who will introduce him to the person who will help best in database modeling is-

A. The busy executive officer.

B. Any employee who are end-user.

C. Any employee who will not use the system

D. The person who design bill, and who signs the check.

Answer: D

5. Heterogeneous system is a system with

A. Similar parts

B. Dissimilar parts 

Answer: B

6. A constraint -

A. Restricts the number of columns in database.

B. Restricts the number of tables in database.

C. Restricts the value in database

D. Controls the Meta data

Answer: C

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