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Module 17: Run Time Messages and Alerts

Run Time Messages and Alerts

01. What is informative message?

A message tells the user the current state of processing, or gives context-sensitive information. The default display is on the message line.

02. What is Error message?

Error message informs the user of an error that prevents the current action. The default display is on the message line.

03. What is working message?

Working message tells the operator that the form is currently processing. This is shown on the message line

04. What is System alert?

Alerts give information to the operator that requires either an acknowledgment or an answer to a question before processing can continue.

05. What is Application alert?

There are alerts that we design as part of our application and issue to the operator for a response by using the SHOW_ALERT built-in.

06. What is Application message?

Application are messages that we built in our application by using the MESSAGE built in. The default display is on the message line.

07. What do you know about FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE Exception?

This trigger fails only when one of the following occurs:

•  During an unhandled exception.

•  When we request the trigger to fail by raising the built-in exception FROM_TRIGGER_FAILURE.

08. Triggers for intercepting System-MESSAGE?


•  Fires when a system error message is issued

•  Is used to trap Forms and Oracle Server errors and to customize error messages


•  Fires when an informative system message is issued

•  Is used to suppress or customize specific messages

09. What is SHOW_ALERT Function?

SHOW_ALERT is how we can display an alert at run time and return the operators response to the calling trigger:

Selected_button:= SHOW_ALERT (‘alert_name’);

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