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Module 09: Creating Additional Input Items

Creating Additional Input Items

1.what are input items? what can you do with input items?

Input item is a generic term for forms builder item types that  accept user input.

These item types include the following:

           .Check box

           .List item 

           .Radio group

When you create input items , they already have some initial functionality. Through input items, we can interact with the 

database in the following ways:

            .Insert values

            .Update existing values

            .Delete existing values

            .Query  existing values

2. What is a check Box?   

A check box is a two-state interface object that indicates whether a certain value is ON or OFF. The display state of  a check box is always either checked or unchecked. Although a check box is limited two states, it is not limited to just two values.

3. How to convert an existing item into a check box?  

To convert an existing Perform the following steps:

      1. Invoke the property palette for the item that you want to convert.

      2. Set the item type property to check box.

      3. Specify a check box label.

      4. Specify values  for the checked and the unchecked states.

      5. Set the check box mapping of other values property.

      6. Specify an initial value for the check box item.

3. Describe dealing with other values and dealing with null values?

We can dealing with other values:

      . Ignore other values by leaving the mapping of other values property blank

      .Associate the other values with one of the existing list elements(by  naming either the list element or its associated value) in the mapping of other values property.

We can dealing with null values:

        .A poplist  displays a blank element for a NULL value

        .The user can omit  a selection for a Tlist or can press[Clear Field] to deselect all list elements. This sets the list item to NULL

        .A combo box does not display a blank element. The end user must delete the default value if the default value is not NULL.

4. How to create a list item?

A list item can be created by:

       .Converting an existing item

       .Using the list item tool in the layout editor.

       .Using the create icon in the object navigator (This creates a text item that you can convert to a list item.

5. What are Radio groups? Write down the benefits of Radio groups?

A radio group is an item where a set of radio buttons represents the possible values for the item . These values and hence their corresponding radio buttons are mutually exclusive.

Benefits of Radio groups:

          .Provide a choice between  two or more static values

          .Provide an alternative to list  items that  have only a few choices

          .Provide a choice between two alternatives, where choice is not On/off Or Yes/No(for example,  Landscape or Portrait   print  format) 

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