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Module 05: Creating a Master-Detail Form

Creating a Master-Detail Form

01. Exhibit: 

You are developing a Human Resource form. You use the Data Block and Layout wizards to create the Department and Employees blocks with default property values for the items, then you rearrange the items in the Layout Editor. 

When you test the form, you discover that pressing the Tab key with the cursor in the Department Id field moves the cursor to the Manager Id field. Pressing the Tab key twice more moves the cursor to Department Name and, finally, to Location Id. 

What are three ways to change the navigation order so that the cursor moves from Department Id to Department Name when tabbing forward through the items in the Departments block? (Choose three) 

A. Set Keep Cursor Position for all items to Yes. 

B. Set the Required property of the Department_Name item to Yes. 

C. Set the Keyboard Navigable property for the Manager_Id item to No. 

D. Set the Automatic Skip property for the Department_Name item to No. 

E. Set the Next Navigation Item property for the Department_Id item to DEPARTMENT_NAME. 

F. Set the Previous Navigation Item property for the Department_Name item to DEPARTMENT_ID. 

G. Drag the Department_Name item to a position just below the Department_Id item in the Object Navigator.  

Answer: C,E,G

02. Order entry clerks use the Orders form to enter the shipping date of an order. Once the shipping date has been entered into the database, the clerks are not allowed to modify it. 

What property can you set in the Property Palette for the Shipping_Date item to ensure that this data entry restriction is enforced? 

A. Enabled 

B. Database Item 

C. Update Allowed 

D. Insert Allowed 

E. Update Only If NULL 

Answer: E

03. Exhibit: 

You use the Data Block and Layout wizards to create a block based on the ORDER_ITEMS table. The table does not include a column for the item total, so you create a text item in the block to display the item total. You change six properties for the Item_Total text item, then run the form and execute a query. The exhibit shows the form as it appears at run time. 

What are four of the properties of the Item_Total item that you manually changed? (Choose four)  

A. Update Allowed 

B. Column Name 

C. Database Item 

D. Format Mask 

E. Summary Function 

F. Enabled 

G. Update Only If NULL 

H. Justification

Answer: C,D,F,H

04. You want to standardize the appearance of certain text items in a particular form, so you create a Visual Attribute called TEXT_ITEM_VA and define values for all of its properties. 

Which four properties can you set by applying TEXT_ITEM_VA to the items? (Choose four) 

A. Width 

B. Height 

C. Prompt 

D. Font Weight 

E. Fill Pattern 

F. Font Spacing 

G. Foreground Color 

Answer: D,E,F,G

05. Exhibit: 


You are developing and testing a Forms application on a machine that has plenty of memory. The Customers block, whose Property Palette is shown in the exhibit, is based on a table that contains a large number of records. 

The initial query on the block appears quickly. However, after scrolling through hundreds of records in the block, you notice that it is taking longer and harder to retrieve the next set of records. 

What can you do to improve performance without losing the fast initial response?  

A. Set Single Record to Yes. 

B. Set Query All Records to Yes. 

C. Set Query Array Size to a larger number. 

D. Set Number of Records Buffered to a larger number. 

E. Set Number of Records Buffered to a smaller number. 

F. Set Number of Records Displayed to a smaller number. 

Answer: D

06. Which statement about the Data properties of a text item is true? 

A. If the Maximum Length of an item is set to a value that is greater than the value for Width, the item will not be displayed at run time. 

B. You can set the Initial Value for an item outside the range of values specified by the Lowest Allowed Value and the Highest Allowed Value properties because Initial Value defines an exception to that range. 

C. If you set the Required property to Yes for an item whose corresponding database column does not have a NOT NULL constraint, you will receive an error at run time. 

D. If Data Length Semantics property is set by BYTE, you may need to manually adjust the Maximum Length property depending on the character set that is being used.

Answer: D

07. The Orders table in the database contains several thousand records. There is a block in the Orders form that is based on the ORDERS table and displays one record. The block is ordered by the Order_Date in descending order, because order entry clerks usually must access only the most recent orders. 

Which one of the following combinations of property settings for the Orders block will provide the fastest response time before a record appears in the block upon executing a query? 

A. Query Array Size: 0 

Number of Records Buffered: 0 

Query All Records: Yes 

B. Query Array Size: 1000 

Number of Records Buffered: 0 

Query All Records: Yes 

C. Query Array Size: 1000 

Number of Records Buffered: 0 

Query All Records: No 

D. Query Array Size: 0 

Number of Records Buffered: 1000 

Query All Records: No 

E. Query Array Size: 0 

Number of Records Buffered: 1000 

Query All Records: Yes 

Answer: D

08. The DBA informed you that a number column called ORDER_STATUS has been added to the ORDERS table. 

The DBA ran a SQL script to populate that column. 

You want to update the Orders form to display the additional data. You currently have a non-base-table display item in the Orders block called Order_Total that you no longer want to use. The Order_Total item is located on the canvas in the position where you want the Order_Status item to appear. You open the Property Palette for Order_Total, change its name to Order_Staus, and change its item type to Text Item. 

You run the form, but when you execute a query on the block, no data is displayed in the Order_Status item. 
What should you do to correct this problem? 

A. Set the Database Item property to Yes for the Order_Status item. 

B. Use the form to populate the Order_Status item, since the SQL script that the DBA ran obviously did not work. 

C. Set the Name property for the Order_Status item to ORDER_STATUS, because it must be uppercase to match the column name in the database. 

D. Use the Data Block Wizard in reentrant mode to add the item, because you cannot add a base table item by changing the item type of an existing item. 

Answer: A

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